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In the digital age, verifying the identity of users is a critical task for many companies. One such company, X, has chosen to entrust this responsibility to an Israeli company named “AU10TIX”. However, what makes this choice particularly intriguing is the deep-rooted connection between AU10TIX and Shin Bet, Israel’s main intelligence strike force.

AU10TIX: More Than Just ID Verification

AU10TIX, the company responsible for verifying people’s ID on X, was founded in 2002 as the technology arm of a Dutch firm called “ICTS International”. The CEO of AU10TIX, Ron Atzomn, was a member of Shin Bet’s unit 8200. This unit is known for its advanced technological capabilities and is often compared to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

The Shin Bet Connection

Shin Bet, also known as Shabak, is Israel’s internal security service, responsible for providing 90% of Israel’s intelligence material. It’s worth noting that ICTS International, the parent company of AU10TIX, was also established by former members of Shin Bet in 1982.

The Implications

The connection between X’s ID verification process and Shin Bet raises some interesting questions. Why is the company that X uses to verify its user’s ID so connected with the Israeli intelligence unit Shin Bet? What implications does this have for the privacy and security of X’s users? As consumers, it’s crucial for us to understand the potential implications, especially when it comes to our personal data.

Insiders View

In conclusion, this connection serves as a reminder of the complex web of relationships that underpin our digital world. As we continue to navigate this landscape, staying informed and vigilant is more important than ever.

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