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In a significant gathering of leaders from the Arab and Islamic world, the Riyadh Summit was held in Saudi Arabia. The summit was a platform to discuss the ongoing situation in Gaza, and the resulting statement was a powerful call for justice, peace, and accountability.

Condemnation of ‘Collective Punishment’ in Gaza

The Riyadh Summit statement strongly condemned the ‘collective punishment’ in Gaza. Collective punishment, a term often used to describe measures that punish a group for the actions of an individual, is considered a violation of international law.

Call for Investigations into ‘War Crimes’

The leaders called for investigations into ‘war crimes’, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice.

Refusal to Label the War as ‘Self-Defense’

The statement from the Riyadh Summit refused to label the war as one of ‘self-defense’. Moreover this stance challenges the narrative that the killing of civilians can be justified under the guise of self-defense.

Condemnation of Civilian Casualties

The leaders condemned the killing of civilians, highlighting the tragic loss of innocent lives in the conflict.

Call for a Halt to Arms Export to Israel

In a significant move, the Riyadh Summit statement called for a halt to the export of weapons and ammunition to Israel. In addition this call reflects a growing concern about the role of arms exports in fueling conflicts and exacerbating violence.

Criticism of ‘Double Standards’

The statement from the Riyadh Summit criticized the ‘double standards’ of countries that place Israel ‘above international law’.

The Impact on International Relations

The leaders argued that these double standards undermine the credibility of these countries, and called for a more equitable and just approach to international relations.

Insiders View

In summary, the Riyadh Summit marked a pivotal moment in the Arab and Islamic world’s reaction to Gaza’s plight. The summit’s message was clear: the current situation is intolerable and requires change. However, the effectiveness of these calls and their real-world impact remains uncertain. Beyond mere condemnation, these leaders must take further action to aid Palestinians and halt the ongoing atrocities.


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