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Amazon’s Echo Frames and Ray-Ban’s Meta glasses are two of the latest entrants in the smart-glasses market. Here’s a quick comparison:

Customization and Battery Life
Echo Frames offer customization options like prescription lenses, blue light filtering, or sunglasses. They have a battery life of 14 hours with moderate usage, enough to last a day on a single charge. The charging dock is large compared to the glasses, but the case is collapsible, adding convenience.

Functionality and Audio Quality
Echo Frames prioritize audio over video, with speakers located in the temples. They’re great for situational awareness but offer less immersive sound. The audio quality is passable for music but not ideal for daily use. The key feature is the Echo functionality, providing a hands-free voice assistant.

Price and Value
Echo Frames are priced at $270, $30 cheaper than the Meta glasses. However, considering the superior design and functionality of the Meta glasses, it might be worth spending the extra $30. As of now, Amazon is offering the new Echo Frames for a discounted $200.