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An industrial robot in South Korea crushed a man to death in a tragic incident. The worker in his 40s was inspecting the robot’s sensor operations at a distribution center in South Gyeongsang province.

The Incident

The industrial robot responsible for lifting boxes filled with bell peppers and placing them on a pallet, appears to have malfunctioned. The machine reportedly failed to differentiate between the man and the boxes it was handling. The robotic arm pushed the man’s upper body down against the conveyor belt, crushing his face and chest. Although the man was transferred to the hospital, he succumbed to his injuries.

Previous Incidents

This is not the first time an industrial robot has caused harm. In March, another South Korean man in his 50s suffered serious injuries after a robot trapped him while he was working at an automobile parts manufacturing plant.

The Need for Safety Measures

These incidents highlight the potential dangers of working with industrial robots and the need for stringent safety measures. Moreover an official from the plant ownership called for the establishment of a “precise and safe” system.

Insiders View

Furthermore, industrial robots have been employed for decades to execute routine tasks, including assembly and sorting. But this tragic loss stands as a stark reminder of the potential risks linked to automation and underscores the paramount importance of guaranteeing human safety in the workplace.

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