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The Gaza conflict, which began on October 7th, has seen a multitude of actors playing significant roles. One such actor is Hezbollah, the Iran-backed organization based in Lebanon. This blog post aims to shed light on Hezbollah’s involvement from the initial stages to the recent events of today.

October 7th: The Outset of the Conflict
The conflict began with a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel. Following this, there was speculation about whether Hezbollah would actively participate in the conflict. Despite expressing solidarity with Hamas and condemning Israel’s airstrikes on Gaza, Hezbollah maintained that it would only fire at Israel if Lebanese territory or its fighters were fired upon.

The Ensuing Weeks: A Delicate Balance
Hezbollah exchanged fire with Israel along the Lebanon-Israel border, but it was in response to Israel’s targeting of Lebanese territory, not direct support for Palestinian fighters. During this period, Hezbollah managed to maintain supporting Hamas and avoid direct involvement in the conflict.

Recent Developments: Escalation and Response
The situation escalated recently when Hezbollah announced that it had shot down an Israeli drone over southern Lebanon using a surface-to-air missile. This marked a significant development as it was the first time Hezbollah publicly announced such an incident.

Around the same time, rockets were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel. While it was not explicitly stated that these rockets were launched by Hezbollah, the incidents added to the rising tensions along the border.

Insiders View
As the conflict continues, Hezbollah’s role remains complex and multifaceted. Hezbollah’s recent actions of an Israeli drone suggest potential escalation, even without direct involvement in the conflict. As observers, we can only hope for a peaceful and just resolution to this conflict.

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