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The recent statement by the IDF chief of staff has stirred a global conversation about the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The chief’s words, focused on ‘victory, dismantling Hamas, hitting as many enemy commanders as possible, as many enemy fighters as possible, as much enemy infrastructure as possible’, paint a picture of a military operation with clear objectives.

However, the reality on the ground seems to tell a different story. The death toll in Gaza has tragically risen to 8,005, including 3,324 children and 2,062 women. The stark contrast between the stated objectives and the actual outcomes raises several questions about the nature of the conflict and the employed strategies.

The Stated Objective
The IDF chief’s statement outlines a clear objective: victory over Hamas. This includes targeting enemy commanders, fighters, and infrastructure.

The Ground Reality
Contrary to the stated objective, the rising death toll in Gaza indicates a different reality. With over 8,000 lives lost, including a significant number of children and women, it’s clear that the impact of the conflict extends far beyond military targets. However, the high civilian casualty rate suggests that the actual plan might differ from what is being stated publicly.

The Discrepancy
The discrepancy between the stated objectives and the ground reality is alarming. It raises questions about the strategies being employed and their alignment with international humanitarian law. It also brings into focus the need for transparency and accountability in times of conflict.

Insiders View
The ongoing conflict in Gaza presents a tale of two narratives: one of strategic military objectives and another of tragic civilian casualties. As observers and global citizens, we all can see that who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed one. And we pray that peace and justice prevail.


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