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The H100 GPU Unleashed

In 2023, Nvidia’s H100 GPU stole the limelight in the tech world. It’s not just a chip; it’s a 300-pound AI supercomputer known as DGX.

Unleashing the Power of the H100 GPU

Nvidia’s H100 GPU, based on the cutting-edge Hopper™ GPU architecture, is a game-changer in AI development. It boasts FP8 precision, delivering 9 times faster AI training and up to 30 times faster AI inference on large language models (LLMs) compared to the A100.

The Business Behind H100

Nvidia is set to sell over half a million H100 compute GPUs, representing billions in 2023. Each Nvidia H100 80GB HBM2E GPU card retails for around $30,000 in the U.S. With 14,592 CUDA cores, 26 FP64 TFLOPS, and 1,513 FP16 TFLOPS, it’s a powerhouse in AI computing.

The Mighty DGX Supercomputer

The DGX supercomputer, fueled by NVIDIA’s GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips and the NVLink® Switch System, opens up new horizons for large-scale generative AI language models, recommender systems, and data analytics workloads.

A Leap in Supercomputing

The NVIDIA DGX GH200 combines 256 GH200 superchips via NVLink technology, acting as a single GPU with 1 exaflop performance and 144 terabytes of shared memory. This is a massive leap from the previous DGX A100, with almost 500 times more memory.

Shaping the Future of AI with Nvidia

Nvidia’s strides in GPU technology and AI supercomputing set the stage for a new era in artificial intelligence. The H100 GPU and DGX supercomputer are paving the way for groundbreaking applications in generative AI and beyond. Nvidia’s innovations are instrumental in shaping the future of AI, leading the field with advanced GPUs and powerful supercomputers like the DGX.

An Insider’s Perspective

In our view, Nvidia’s H100 GPU and DGX supercomputer are monumental milestones in artificial intelligence. As we continue to explore the vast potential of AI, these innovations are undeniably pivotal in shaping our digital future.


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