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In a shocking turn of events, An Israeli airstrike has bombed the Al-Ahli National Baptist Hospital in Gaza without prior warning, resulting in a devastating loss of life. The current estimated death toll is around 1000, with many of the victims being women and children.

A Brutal Strike
The Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist hospital, located in the heart of Gaza City, was struck by an Israeli airstrike. The hospital was reportedly sheltering families amid Israel’s continued bombardment of Gaza. The strike has resulted in at least 500 casualties, with the death toll feared to be much higher.

The Aftermath
The aftermath of the strike is nothing short of catastrophic. The hospital was hit without any prior warning, causing widespread panic and chaos. There is a video of the strike where you can hear the missile coming in at full speed, right on target. The missile was carrying a very heavy payload. Images from the scene show fire engulfing the hospital halls, shattered glass, and body parts scattered across the area. A failed Hamas rocket wouldn’t do that.

A Humanitarian Crisis
The bombing of the Al-Ahli National Baptist Hospital has exacerbated an already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. After Israel ordered all residents of the city and surrounding areas to evacuate to the southern Gaza Strip, hundreds of people have sought refuge in Gaza City hospitals, hoping to be spared from bombardment.

International Response
The international community has expressed shock and outrage at the bombing. The attack on a hospital, a place meant to provide care and sanctuary, marks a tragic new low in the ongoing conflict. There are calls for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza.

The bombing of the Al-Ahli National Baptist Hospital is a stark reminder of the devastating human cost of war. This underscores the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and measures to protect civilians and critical infrastructure, such as hospitals. As we mourn this tragic loss of life, we must also work towards a future where such atrocities are a thing of the past.

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