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In a significant political shift, Poland’s ruling party, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS), has lost its majority in the parliament. The final results of the parliamentary election, held on Sunday, October 15, 2023, reveal a changing political landscape in Poland.

The Election Results
The official results show that despite being the single party with the most votes at slightly over 35%, the PiS has lost its majority. The party has been governing the country for eight turbulent years. However, the loss of majority in parliament appears to leave them with no way to hold onto power.

Three opposition parties that pledged to restore democratic standards in Poland collectively won over 54% of the votes. These parties include the Civic Coalition, which garnered 30.7% of the vote, the centrist Third Way with 14.4%, and the New Left with about 8.6%. This collective win puts them in a position to take power.

The Implications
The election results are a significant victory for Donald Tusk, the head of the largest opposition group, Civic Coalition. Tusk, having previously served as the Polish prime minister from 2007-2014 and as the European Council president from 2014-2019, is likely to make a comeback to his former position as the Polish prime minister.

The PiS had been taking Poland on an illiberal path, controlling courts in a manner that violated the country’s constitution. They also politicized state institutions and used taxpayer-funded public media as a propaganda tool. The election results are seen as a huge relief for Poles concerned about their country’s international isolation and constant bickering with the European Union.

Voter Turnout
The voter turnout for this election was nearly 75%, surpassing the 63% turnout of 1989. This record turnout indicates a high level of public engagement and interest in shaping the country’s political future.

The loss of majority by Poland’s ruling party marks a turning point in Polish politics. It reflects a desire among voters for change and a return to democratic standards. As Poland navigates this political transition, it will be interesting to see how these changes impact its relationship with the European Union and its stance on key issues.


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