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In a recent statement from prison, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that the upcoming elections in Pakistan could be a farce. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), is being unfairly muzzled, he claims.

The Establishment’s Role
Khan accuses the establishment, including the army and security agencies, of orchestrating his government’s removal under pressure from the US. He alleges that Pakistan is currently being ruled by caretaker governments at both the federal and provincial levels, which he claims are constitutionally illegal due to the absence of elections within 90 days of parliamentary assemblies being dissolved.

Skepticism Surrounding the Elections
The public is hearing that elections will supposedly be held on February 8th. However, having been denied the same in two provinces, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, over the past year – despite a Supreme Court order last March that those votes should be held within three months – they are right to be skeptical about whether the national vote will take place.

Allegations Against the Election Commission
Khan criticizes the country’s Election Commission for its alleged bias against PTI. He claims that the commission has defied the top court, rejected PTI’s nominations for first-choice candidates, hindered the party’s internal elections, and launched contempt cases against him and other PTI leaders for simply criticizing the commission.

American Interference?
Khan also mentions an alleged American interference attempt through a State Department official’s message. He believes that the American official’s message was to the effect of: pull the plug on Imran Khan’s prime ministership through a vote of no confidence, or else. However, both Pakistan’s government and America’s State Department deny Khan’s allegations of American interference in Pakistani politics.

Personal and Party Hardships
Khan recounts the personal and party hardships, including assassination attempts, abductions, and legal persecution. He claims that there were two assassination attempts on his life and that PTI’s leaders, workers, and social-media activists, along with supportive journalists, were abducted, incarcerated, tortured, and pressured to leave PTI.

The Way Forward
Despite these challenges, Khan advocates for fair and free elections as the only solution to Pakistan’s current political crisis. He believes that the people of Pakistan have the right to choose their leaders and shape the future of their country.

Insiders View

In conclusion, the upcoming elections in Pakistan are shrouded in controversy and skepticism. As the world watches, the hope is for a fair and democratic process that respects the will of the Pakistani people.


Finding the Right Approach

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