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In a recent turn of events, seven Kashmiri students were arrested by Indian police on anti-terrorism charges. The reason for their arrest? Celebrating Australia’s victory against India in the World Cup Final. Furthermore, this incident has sparked a heated debate about the use of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and the state of civil liberties in India.

Incident Overview
The incident took place in the aftermath of the cricket World Cup Final, where Australia emerged victorious against India. The seven students, all Kashmiris, were reportedly celebrating this victory when they were arrested.

Humanity and Sports
Arresting individuals for expressing joy over a sports event can be seen as harsh from a humanitarian perspective. Moreover sports transcend national boundaries, and the freedom to support any team is part of that language.

Democracy and Expression
In a democratic society, freedom of expression is a fundamental right. This freedom can be limited if it threatens public order or national security.

Choosing a Team
The freedom to support a cricket team of one’s choice is part of the larger freedom of expression.

Insiders View
The incident opens up a complex debate involving the rule of law, humanity, democracy, and freedom of expression. It highlights the need for a balanced approach that respects the law while also considering the universal love for sports.

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