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The Announcement
Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, has made a strategic move by shifting its smart car unit’s core technologies and resources to a new joint company with Changan Auto.

The Collaboration
The collaboration between Huawei and Changan is a significant one, with Huawei providing the vehicle’s operating system and cabin technologies, and Changan taking on vehicle design and engineering.

Expanding Horizons
The partnership is set to expand to include the design of auto-use semiconductors, marking a significant expansion for Huawei’s chip business.

Impact of the Move
After U.S. sanctions impacted its global smartphone business, Huawei pivoted to electric vehicles. The joint venture with Changan represents a new direction for the company.

Looking Ahead
The companies aim to begin sales, targeting the mid to high-end market, competing with Tesla Inc and Nio Inc.

Insiders View
This strategic move by Huawei marks a significant milestone in the tech giant’s journey into the automotive industry. The future of smart cars is set to be shaped by this partnership with Changan Auto.

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