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In a series of recent statements, Hezbollah chief Nasrallah has made clear his stance on the ongoing conflicts involving Israel, the United States, and Arab countries. To provide a comprehensive overview, here’s a breakdown of his key points:

Entry into Battle
Furthermore, Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah ‘entered the battle on the 8th of October’. This marks a significant escalation in the conflict, with the group taking a more active role.

Call for Arab Countries
Nasrallah has called on Arab countries to ‘stop oil and food exports to Israel’. This is a strategic move aimed at applying economic pressure on Israel.

The Decisive Battle
According to Nasrallah, the current war is ‘a decisive battle’ in which Hamas ‘must be victorious’. Moreover, this statement underscores the high stakes of the conflict for Hezbollah and its allies.

Battle Between Humanity and Barbarism
Nasrallah framed the conflict as ‘a battle between humanity and barbarism, represented by the US, Israel and the UK’. This rhetoric serves to rally support for Hezbollah’s cause.

US Responsibility
Nasrallah has placed the blame for the war in Gaza squarely on the United States, stating that it is ‘completely responsible for the war in Gaza’ and for the ‘major crimes of this century and the last’. He also asserted there is ‘direct American responsibility in the massacres in Gaza’.

The Siege of Gaza
Highlighting the humanitarian crisis, Nasrallah pointed out that ‘over two million people in Gaza have been living for almost 20 years in siege’ leading up to the 7 October attack.

Warning to Israel
Nasrallah warned that Israel would be making the ‘biggest mistake in its history’ if it undertook a pre-emptive war against Lebanon.

Threats to the US

  • Hezbollah’s Warning: Nasrallah reveals the warning Hezbollah received regarding potential US military action.
  • Defiance: Despite the warning, Nasrallah emphasizes that US navy fleets do not intimidate Hezbollah, with preparations made in response.
  • Reminding of Past Defeats: Nasrallah calls on Americans to remember previous defeats in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
  • Ongoing Threat: Further Nasrallah issues a clear threat to the United States, warning that” Americans have to quickly stop this war, if a war begins in the region, your naval vessels and aircraft won’t do good for you”

Preparedness for War
In a final defiant statement, the Hezbollah leader declared: ‘We Are not Scared of US Warships we are Prepared for Them as Well’. In addition this suggests that Hezbollah is ready for a potential escalation in the conflict.

Insiders View

These statements provide a clear picture of Nasrallah’s stance on the ongoing conflicts. However, as the situation continues to evolve, the international community will be closely watching Hezbollah’s actions and responses.

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