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X formerly known as Twitter has recently announced that it will be removing the ‘Circles’ feature from its platform next week. Users, who have found immense value in this feature, have met this decision with widespread dissatisfaction.

The Significance of Circles
Circles on X let users express freely without judgment, creating a safe space for thoughts and fostering community and understanding.

User Reactions
The announcement of the removal of Circles has sparked a wave of protests from users. Many have taken to the platform to express their disappointment and frustration, arguing that the removal of Circles would significantly impact their experience on X.

The Importance of User Feedback
The backlash against X’s decision highlights the importance of user feedback in shaping the features and functionality of social media platforms. Users are the lifeblood of these platforms, and their satisfaction should be a top priority for any changes or updates.

Insiders View
As we move forward, it remains to be seen how X will respond to this backlash. Will they reconsider their decision, or will they proceed with the removal of Circles? Only time will tell. However, one thing is clear – users value their Circles, and they are not afraid to make their voices heard.


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Mystic InformerMystic InformerDecember 21, 2023

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